The Author


Carole lives in Garner, North Carolina with her husband, Tom, Pepper the Persnickety cat and Toby the Terrible, a golden retriever. She has three children and six grandchildren who flock to her house for pool parties and barbeques like geese to a pond in spring.

Carole may be a grandmother, but she’s young at heart. She loves writing for and teaching snarky teenagers, running away on girly weekends with her daughters and friends, and adventurous outdoor activities such as reading murder mysteries on her screened porch. She has worked as a bookstore clerk, nurse, teacher, newspaper lady and is thrilled to add writer to the list. She devotes her life to fulfilling her favorite quote by George Elliot, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” She believes this applies not just to a writing career, but to everything in life, including baking fortune cookies, base jumping, and origami – none of which she enjoys doing quite yet. After all, succeeding at new things just takes faith, trust and a little bit of fairy dust…