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At some point, one has to accept the fact that a book one has written may never be published traditionally. Even so, thanks to awesome technology, I can share the sequel to Refuge with those who are interested.

Check out Dark Light Dance: Unity on

I haven’t given up on having Unity published someday, but for now, this is what’s available–simply because I don’t have the budget or the computer savvy to publish it myself. Still, I have no regrets about writing it, or Refuge. What a wonderful experience it’s been to get to know Laney and Gabe, Aunt Helen, Uncle Walter, Ethan, Phillip, and especially Miakoda. There are a few new characters to get to know in Unity! What a good time I had visiting the tiny town of Columbia, North Carolina and walking the paths of the Alligator River Wildlife Refuge. I loved getting to know the real people who live there and the story behind the rescue of the endangered red wolves. For Unity, I visited a Christmas tree farm in the mountains and learned all about how it works. I got to walk along deep, dark forested paths that smelled like apples, wood smoke, and Fraser Firs and gaze out on gorgeous scenic overlooks, all the while imagining the emotions of two of my favorite people.

I learned so much about the publishing industry, especially that if your book is being published by a small press, you have to do your own marketing. I was woefully naive about that, thus didn’t sell enough books to warrant publishing the sequel. But, I met many wonderful people–in person and online–and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I got to meet readers at book signings and share thoughts on writing with others who knew exactly what I was talking about.

These are the rewards of putting stories on paper and they are enough!

Now, a new story is calling to me and it’s time to fall in love with new places and new faces. They include a rundown farmhouse in the backwoods of North Carolina with three eccentric aunties and a girl who knows nothing of the world and down below, a mansion behind tall iron gates and a boy who knows too much.

I’ll take you along on the journey with me if you’d like!

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