Muse Hysteria

Posted by on Apr 17, 2015 in Blog

It’s a little bit crazy to me how this writing thing works. I’ll be super busy and not write a word for days, which is okay with me. I don’t think I’ll ever be a “butt-in-chair every day at 9 a.m.” type, and there are other things that are simply top priority. Clothes must be washed, errands run, lessons prepared. Husbands and friends, children and grandchildren all need attention that I am eager to give. But then on the fourth or fifth day of no writing I’m obsessed (or possessed!) by something. We’ll call it Muse Hysteria; like she’s been waiting and has finally run out of patience and I MUST WRITE NOW. My subconscious has been brewing during these days, and ideas spew out, sometimes faster than I can type up the notes. Characters have been chomping at the bit, ready for me to ask them questions so I’ll know their back story and how they would react in every situation. I have to be ready for them to tell me every little detail about how they got to be the people they are, or they get offended and refuse to talk. Plot twists and turns lead me on a merry chase and I race to keep up. the museWhat a blessing–and a curse–it is to have this writing bug!

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