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Posted by on Mar 27, 2015 in Blog

Really there’s nothing like a rain-soaked day, a lamp-lit office, and a Diet Dr. Pepper to invite The Muse. If only there weren’t so many projects to choose from. The organized me begs, “Finish the story you started on Watt Pad” in a very whiny voice. Bah, humbug, not today. The nostalgic me wants to take another look at Unity (sequel to Refuge!) and do some revising, but my editor is out of town and I should wait for her latest notes. So the whimsical me will probably win out and charge ahead with the rough draft of the new book, working title “Rylla and the Rabican.” What, you ask, is a Rabican? Ah, wait and see. (Or look it up under mythical creatures, I’ll give you a minute…)

Anyway, the story is a contemporary  mash up of three beloved fairy tales: Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella. You know, age-old plots told in new ways that both satisfy our expectations and surprise us. Such fun! Who says a girl has to be super aggressive to be a strong heroine? What happened to strength from goodness? Rylla shows us what being strong is all about. And, sometimes the guy is most definitely not charming and handsome, much less a prince!

Did you find rabican? Okay, I’ll help you out. Rabican: A horse of Astolpho in the renaissance poem of Orlando Furiso. It was born from wind and flame and it lived on a diet of air. He was a magnificent steed that Astolpho rode. (mythicalcreatureslist.com #sthash.ythh0KY8.dpuf)

More to come…


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